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Address:Guangdong province Zhongshan city tree Chung Village Road No. 6 St.

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Karly process to ensure quality

Karly process system, to ensure the quality of the wood floor
Karly wood floor LS4 selection process Karly wood floor coating process BPC Karly wood floor ECO4 Health Technology Karly wood floor surface technology HCS Karly wood floor structure technology CPS Karly wood floor DBG design process

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Chinese European solid wood composite floor developers
Zhongshan KarlyWood Flooring Co. Ltd.

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Zhongshan KarlyWood Flooring Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999, the predecessor of Zhongshan Jiali wood products factory, wood flooring has been focused on R & D and production, always implement the real "quality first, service first" business philosophy; located in Zhongshan City, Zhongshan Bridge South (Guangzhou Zhuhai West High Speed south, adjacent to the export side) five star real estate Garden Phoenix park....【Read more】


Chinese European solid wood composite floor developers
    • China's building materials, energy conservation, environmental protection, ten leading quality bran
    • China flooring industry top ten brand certification
    • China top 500 brand certification
    • China AAA heavy quality and trustworthy enterprise certification


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